Advantages of Operating Leases

Operators are increasingly turning to leasing to improve financial flexibility.

Operating leases provide a number of advantages over traditional financing with banks.

  • The aircraft you want, when you want it
  • Lease for as long as you need the aircraft – matching underlying contracts
  • Operate where your customers are, around the world
  • Doesn’t tie up your balance sheet
  • No interest rate or currency risk
  • When your customer’s job is done, you can give the aircraft back or extend the lease term

All of this means you have less risk in your operations and you can concentrate on providing safe and high quality service to your customers. We can provide up to 100% financing on the aircraft of your choosing.

In addition to providing leases for equipment you need to acquire, Waypoint can offer attractive lease financing terms on aircraft already in your fleet or on pre-delivery payments for aircraft you have on order.