Waypoint Leasing Places AW139 Helicopters with Heliconia and HNZ

Both AW139s, previously operated by CHC, will support oil and gas operations.

Successfully Remarketing CHC Aircraft

In October, Waypoint Leasing announced the signing of its first lease agreement with Heliconia Group for one Leonardo AW139 helicopter. The aircraft has gone on lease with Heliconia to support oil and gas operations in North Africa. On the same day, Waypoint also announced that it had closed its first lease agreement with HNZ Group for one Leonardo AW139 helicopter, which has gone on long-term lease to support oil and gas operations in Asia.  Both AW139 aircraft were previously operated by CHC, taken back by Waypoint and placed with these customers.  Additionally, Waypoint has further commitments from customer for three additional former CHC aircraft, for a total of five remarketed CHC-returned aircraft to date.  Waypoint expects its comprehensive remarketing efforts and improved market conditions will lead to further transactions as demand for this mission critical aircraft remains robust.

Waypoint Leasing Places AW139 on Long Term-Lease to ORNGE

The EMS-configured helicopter marks Waypoint's entry into the Canadian HEMS Market.

Expanding EMS Business

In August, Waypoint Leasing announced its entry into the Canadian HEMS market with the acquisition and placement of a pre-owned AW139. The EMS-configured helicopter is operating on long-term lease with Ornge from its Moosonee, Ontario base in support of operations in the region. Entrance into the Canadian HEMS market further diversifies Waypoint’s customer base and expands the company’s EMS business.

Waypoint Leasing places helicopter on lease to Grupo FAASA

Transaction Marks Waypoint’s 17th Aircraft Re-Lease Event

Further Expansion into Utility Market

Waypoint Leasing announced in August that it closed a lease agreement with customer Calquin Helicopters S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Grupo FAASA, for one Airbus AS350 B3 helicopter. The aircraft has transitioned from supporting firefighting operations in Europe to assisting high altitude utility missions in the Andes Mountains. The transaction represents Waypoint’s 17th aircraft re-lease event and demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to further expand its focus in the utility market.