Waypoint Enters China, Adds More Lease Customers

March 8, 2017
Source:  Aviation International News

By Charles Alcock

Waypoint Leasing announced new helicopter leasing deals in China, South Africa and Indonesia. The company now has more than 28 lessees in 30 countries, operating a fleet of more than 140 aircraft.

In China, Waypoint entered a lease agreement with Shanghai Skyway General Aviation for a new Airbus H135. Shanghai Skyway plans to use the H135 for emergency medical services. Waypoint also has leased an Airbus AS350B3 to another China operator, but this helicopter is from the leasing company’s existing fleet. “Waypoint’s speed of execution, deep understanding of our operating needs and ability to structure an attractive lease agreement will allow us to focus on the growth of our fleet and fulfill our missions across the country,” said Mrs. Wang Bei, Skyway chairman.

Charter operator P.T. Air Born Indonesia is taking a long-term lease for a Leonardo AW139 previously operated by Canada’s CHC group. It will use the aircraft in support of mining operations.

“We are pleased to partner with Waypoint on this transaction and are impressed by their creativity and resourcefulness in finding the perfect aircraft to meet our operational needs,” said Air Born president and CEO Pak Ruel de Leon Nacachi. “Waypoint helped us weigh a variety of factors to ultimately choose a helicopter and a financing plan that was bespoke for Air Born and allows us to complete our missions efficiently and cost-effectively.”

In South Africa, Acher Aviation has signed an agreement to lease an Airbus H145. This will be used for the company’s offshore oil and gas producer (OGP) support work.

“We anticipate the new H145 will enhance Acher’s operational capabilities and fulfill our customers’ demand for a fully OGP [oil and gas producer] compliant modern light/medium twin helicopter,” commented Acher Aviation CEO Vaughan Peacock. “We have found Waypoint to be flexible and responsive to our needs and look forward to growing our relationship with them under this lease.”