Waypoint MUH Medium Utility Helicopter

Modern Technology. Proven Performance. Competitive Cost.

Waypoint’s MUH is setting the standard in utility performance. Our utility-configured AW139 is positioned to meet the modern demands of operators across a wide range of utility missions, with modern technology, the latest safety systems, and superior performance at a comparable cost of competing legacy utility aircraft.

  • Provides greater lift capability of interior and exterior payloads across a range of altitudes
  • Offers significant empty weight reduction with the enhanced performance inherent in the short-nose AW139 platform
  • Is ideally suited for a range of utility missions where range, speed and payload are essential, including Firefighting, Para-Public Services, Utility Transport and Aerial Work.

Download the Waypoint MUH brochure here.

The Waypoint MUH debuts at HAI Heli-Expo 2018